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 MKI Studios exists for our family to produce and distribute Yahuwah’s message to a ‘sights and sounds’ generation.  He has given each of us skills and talents to promote Him.  As a family, our gifts from Yah are collaborated to make multimedia and educational materials.  Our Website, CD’s, upcoming DVD’s, book(s), and viewable/downloadable files are all produced in our Studio.  We intend to travel with these materials and present them to audiences in His time.

 Our main floor is comprised of 3 separate studios for audio and video production. The largest studio is our live area for filming.  It also serves as our meeting place for Shabbat fellowship.  The main-floor can and will also hold outreach presentations or other fellowship gatherings.  Yahuwah continues to move His Plan forward, and will put the components together for His Glory.  He may supply a piano and a baptismal pool here, or in a prayerfully apprehended place in town.  We are awaiting the further unfolding of His direction.  The lower level of the Studios has a dedicated prayer-room.  The upper level is where we live.  Yah has said that our building is a beach-head for Him.  We are excited and subservient to this calling. Wykoff is a small, rural community with potential for change and growth.  Please pray, and if you desire to visit, call and set up an appointment to take a tour.  We’d love to meet with you.


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